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Friday, January 7, 2022

Mind thinking more about try to understand from every date, which of them is appropriate

How to try to understand the mind?

To understand the mind, first of all, examine the thoughts raised in the mind. In which direction are the thoughts of the mind going? Check it out. Why is the mind thinking the same thing over and over again? What has happened to him? Try to understand it. Try to understand every single thing of the mind again, what is the mind thinking more about. Try to understand from every date, which of them is appropriate? What is unfair? Try to understand that too. Try to write the thoughts raised in your mind in a book. Whenever any negative thought is coming in the mind. Due to which there is sorrow or trouble, then think of something new to change the thoughts of the mind, which reduces the flow of negative thoughts and by emphasizing on positive vision, the negative flow starts decreasing.


To get rid of the negative thoughts raised again and again, read a good informative book, so that the negative thoughts raised in the mind are reduced and by focusing on the informative book, the positive attitude starts increasing. Always think good and do good. Make room for good thoughts in the mind, so that the darkness of the empty mind starts reducing. Whatever good you think in your mind, try to fulfill it so that it also starts growing active. Use the increased activity from the positive attitude of the mind in the subject matter which you are creating. Whatever is thinking good in your mind, try to fulfill it, because of this the negative effect starts decreasing and the positive flow starts increasing.


After thinking and understanding in the mind, when we start completing that action, then the mind starts getting engaged in that subject matter. Try to keep the mind happy always, it also increases the positive effect. The dimension of knowledge increases by considering good things associated with people. This is very important for positivity to grow. If something is going on inside the mind from which you want to get rid of it, then by telling that thing to someone, its effect starts decreasing. Do not keep anything inside the mind which is causing sorrow or pain. The thoughts sitting in the mind among the people through their thoughts, from which they want to get rid, by telling the people, it starts decreasing.


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