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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Skills where knowing and understanding are key determinants of successful performance Knowledge is infinite knowledge increases by thinking and understanding


Learning knowledge is prevalent in two ways. By reading a book, by writing and listening to the knowledge of a learned person, one's knowledge is increased. which is called education. The second is study, in which there is a role of experimentation and doing something along with writing and reading, it is also called learning knowledge. In real knowledge, unless there is the ability to do something in human life, then he will not be a successful person. Only experiment and object creation can give him the means of earning. When ability increases in the manufacture of service goods, it is called skill. A skill can be a complete knowledge, so long as the object is successfully created. There is no end to finesse and quality. There are great men with such skills. Skill is there in every field. As the quality and quality increase, its level rises. That's the skill.

Skills where knowing and understanding are key determinants of successful performance

Knowledge is infinite. Knowledge increases by thinking and understanding. If you build something from it, then it becomes an identity of its skill. Good identification of a subject matter and showing every aspect so that the viewer can get an idea of ​​its specificity, then it is called specific skill. For which the hard-working people learn something by working hard day and night and become proficient in their work. Only then quality skills get established in life. For this, it is necessary to have concentration of mind as well as to be good at knowing, thinking, understanding. Only then can you display the performance of your skills among the people. That is the knowledge of skill.

Co-students thinking skills

Students are in a group only when everyone has the same thoughts and ideas. When they discuss together many students about knowledge and education, then the consensus that is formed in everyone's opinion is excellent. Which is also beneficial for all. This also builds skills. Thought is also a knowledge. When there is a strong point in the opinion of many people, that is exactly what happens. Hence the thinking skills of co-students works.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Knowledge ways to use technical knowledge in a universal human system get the knowledge of micro work through mobile? Bachelor of commerce computer literature with 1-2 year experience good knowledge of English required

Technical knowledge

Technical knowledge is essential in the modern system. 

In today's time, working in the office through computer, laptop, tab and mobile has become inevitable. Without whose knowledge nothing is possible now. Therefore, the knowledge of state-of-the-art electronic equipment has become very important in any field. In the coming future, only the knowledge of state-of-the-art electronic equipment can give work to humanity. Therefore, the knowledge of state-of-the-art electronic equipment is essential and most important.


Ways to use technical knowledge in a universal human system

Knowledge is essential to human life as well as a medium for work. Most of the people work in the office in today's time. Regardless of the field, the medium of working is through the use of state-of-the-art electronic devices, computers, laptops, tabs and mobiles. It is now necessary to make use of technical knowledge in the universal human system. Keeping accounts through computer, computing all the details of the account in a computer laptop, accounting for each and every transaction, designing and programing the performance of work. Showing performance to the customers through laptops, attracting them to purchase the goods. Creating a website for the promotion of the commercial establishment. Website is a very good medium to show commercial establishment performance to people sitting in distant countries. Laptops are the best medium to interact and interact online through tabs. In which you can interact with tabs and mobiles through apps like Google Mail, Whatsapp, Telegram etc. Through social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Moz, spread propaganda through technical knowledge in the universal human system. Mobiles are mainly used for communication. Goes to send the message. Online and offline, where there is no online arrangement. He spreads publicity about the commercial establishment to the people through communication or message through mobile. Due to which the business flourishes. In this way, in the present universal human system, technical knowledge is used.


How do I get the knowledge of micro work through mobile?

In today's time, very good mobile phones have come out. In which state-of-the-art technology cameras have come to take photos. Small tasks that are very small. You can enlarge them by taking out the photo. Can accomplish small tasks. No one is working. About which little information comes out through the mobile internet, whose knowledge is not known beforehand. By reading that knowledge, you can complete the work. No work is that easy. As many people understand. It is known only after going deep into any work. What is the dimension of that less. It is not necessary that man has complete knowledge. Somewhere or the other, something definitely remains. Just as for the subtle experience of any work, one has to take the help of knowledge and experience from somewhere or the other. At present, it is not necessary for every person to have a computer laptop in their hand along with the internet. Not every person's condition is the same. But most of the people are with mobile internet in their hands. In which without searching, one can get subtle experience of work. In today's time all kinds of knowledge is present on the internet. After reading and understanding, you can get information about every task by watching the video. In this way, how can you get the knowledge of subtle work through mobile.


Bachelor of Commerce Computer Literature with 1-2 Year Experience Good Knowledge of English Required

Bachelor of Commerce Computer Literature with 1-2 Year Experience Good Knowledge of English is a must. In today's time every work is done in English language only. English language is an inter national language. Computers, laptops, tabs, mobiles are all mainly running in the main language English language. English language is mostly used in commercial establishments. Colleagues also use the English language. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of English with commerce graduate computer literature 1-2 years experience.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Working knowledge meaning have more common sense than usual what type of questions are asked in Professional Knowledge in Junior Technical Assistant

Importance of knowledge

Job knowledge performance is very important in any field of life. 

Examples of job knowledge in the workplace is no proper information or knowledge for any work arrangement, then it becomes difficult to run that undertaking. There should be complete knowledge of industrial studies in the business sector. Nothing is possible until there is no proper knowledge of industry. People who are working in the production sector. They should have complete knowledge of production. Which machine how does it work? What do you think of the stuff? How the goods are prepared. Any work is possible only after knowledge of all measurements and tools. If someone is the head of an artisan, then he has complete knowledge of less. Then he becomes the chief. The head should make sure that all the artisans should run properly. Try to complete the given work on time. Also, there should be good knowledge of working with the workers politely and as a companion.


Employee performance job knowledge to have more common sense than usual

Technical job knowledge having more common sense than usual is never a bad thing. Knowledge itself is positive. Therefore, whether the knowledge is general or more general or unusual knowledge, everything is knowledge. Some people sometimes come in pride and in the pride of too much knowledge, they become proud of their knowledge. So it is bad to have more common sense than normal among other people. Everyone has knowledge. What's good? What's worse? Everybody knows. Therefore, boasting of excessive knowledge is bad. People get to know his intention. People start trying to distance themselves from him. Then having more general knowledge than usual is of no use to him. For him, it takes more to say than to do. Then what would that knowledge be of use?


Job knowledge performance examples type of questions are asked in Junior Technical Assistant?

Working knowledge In Junior Technical Assistant it is necessary to have first Graduation or Higher Secondary in professional knowledge. Account writing is very important. Must have knowledge of short typing, computer knowledge, day-to-day accounting, cash transactions, keeping all types of accounts there. It is very important to have the knowledge of keeping the accounts of the worker. It is necessary to have knowledge of keeping records of daily wage and transactions of the worker. The most important thing is to have good knowledge of the way of talking. The knowledge that is learned in studies. It is important to remember him. All this is very important in the accounting. This type of questions are asked in Professional Knowledge in Junior Technical Assistant.


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