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Monday, January 3, 2022

Real life school measuring of students ability knowledge and performance are important

Knowledge and performance are important to measure the ability of students


Real life school important to measure the ability of students to build knowledge through performance.

Real life students study in school. Learning grows with understanding and knowledge. What kind of knowledge is increasing in the student as a result of the study? What capacity is developing? What is the ability to remember the subject? To what extent do you remember the dark words of the text book? How much development is taking place in writing neatly and beautiful handwriting? To study all these reasons and to develop in education, schools keep taking test exams from time to time. How long does the student remember the knowledge of the book for a long time? For this, annual and half yearly examinations are held for 6 months in a year. Only when there is progress in it, it is passed to the next class, so that the further education of the student is developed.


Real life school education not only increases the knowledge of the textbook, but the knowledge of education also comes in handy in the development of life.

Real life education is by all means only to develop the real knowledge of life. Knowledge of the object becomes conscious through the understanding of the subject matter and its properties. The subject matter is very important in the development in life. If there is a lack in education, then there is a lot of difference between the understanding of the subject and the object. The dimension of education is increased through knowledgeable and learned scholars. Whose what is right and wrong about human life? What should be done and what should not be done? All this knowledge and understanding is recorded in the text book, which is explained to the student through chapters from time to time.


Real life school through examinations conducted from time to time.

Real life how do students display their question paper answers in their answer book? What does he understand from the knowledge of the subject? How do you write? How is beauty in writing? Keeping in mind the criteria of education, by giving proper and correct marks by the teacher, the student's ability is tested through the student's performance by comparative study of all the subjects. Demonstration of student's knowledge of education is very important because the student's knowledge and its results are also studied by performance.


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