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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Drainage food after washing rice or other items it is necessary to drain the dirty water from it the fine grains do not get absorbed in the water so a sieve is necessary for drainage

Silicone pasta strainer

Pasta sieve is used to remove boiled or washed pasta from the water. A sieve made of silicone is a very useful item for the kitchen. The small items are tired in the kitchen and first washed and filtered through the water. Some things also have to be filtered through hot water. This requires a sieve.


Drainage food

After washing rice or other items, it is necessary to drain the dirty water from it, the fine grains do not get absorbed in the water, so a sieve is necessary for drainage. Without the sieve, the goods may get damaged with the water coming out, that water may flow in vain. As a boiled food, rice, lentils, chopped vegetables are often boiled. Which is then filtered hot, which is also called drainage food.


Trending kitchen products

New types of gadgets, which often come in a new look, for women and girls, who often work in the kitchen at home, they definitely use new kitchen equipment so that their work and their family are happy by improving their work. Can do. Which are also called trending kitchen products which keep on running according to the time.


Kitchen stress

To avoid the stress of the kitchen, people often want to bring new facilities and decorations made with technology for the women of their house. So that kitchen work in the house is easy. People are very fond of modern electrical appliances and gadgets. To reduce the stress that women and girls feel while working everyday wasteful labor and more time in the kitchen.



A round shaped bowl made of steel, metal, and plastic, which has a sieve-like hole, is called a colander. Greens are useful for filtering vegetables, lentils, rice after washing. The food items that always feel air, like raw potatoes and onions, keep them in this colander only. After the food is boiled, the boiled item is kept in a colander until the water is completely removed.

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