Thursday, December 9, 2021

Mental disorder where child creates a hypothetical world

Mental disorder where child creates a hypothetical world in his mind than chase to bring that in real life even if it is difficult to bring life to it?


Accurately understood the nature of mind and brain. Even though the psychotherapist has removed its parameters, but it is definitely far from the accuracy of the understanding of the mind. What is going on in whose mind it is only those people whose mind is going on. According to his intellect and mind from his external nature, he was successful in understanding his abilities. No one has the power to look into someone's mind and read their thoughts. It is said that the enlightened ones read the mind, but such evidence has not been seen in the present.


Definition of a child's mind is much more complex than the definition of an adult's mind. Knowledge increases with the change of understanding in old age. The child is now learning. is making a mistake. Understanding knowledge by making mistakes. Unless the child makes a mistake, his understanding will not grow. That's why it can never be called a mental disorder. There are three types of intelligence. Inner intelligence, external intelligence and social intelligence, a child living in his mind and imagination can be of inner intelligence, till the development of intelligence in his brain, he cannot be called a disorder. Wisdom increases with understanding, this is knowledge. The child is still innocent, when his brain develops, which area he goes to, it is completely based on his mind.


Inner intellect live in their mind and move in imagination. There is concentration in them. Even though worldly knowledge is less, but understanding does not decrease. People have less tendency to live together. Behavior is less but both respect and disrespect are same. He does not let anyone walk in front of his insistence. It cannot be called a disorder, it is its nature. Scientists, doctors, writers, inventors are all those with inner intelligence who create in a new dimension.

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