Thursday, December 9, 2021

Narrow mind is the first step of creative thinking is it true or false It is absolutely wrong that

A narrow mind is the first step to creative thinking, true or false


Absolutely wrong that a narrow mind is the first step to creative thinking.

Narrow minded people have limited thinking, they live in a creative understanding of self-made pomp. Which is not compatible with any other. By being repeatedly in the creative imagination itself, the scope of their thinking is only in the imagination, which has no correspondence with the reality. He imposes a lot of restrictions on himself, due to which he keeps thinking about seeing creativity only in imagination and being in reality. It is believed that they also have creative thinking, but in reality if they happen, then it is an impossible thing.


Turn the creative thinking born in the narrow mind into reality.

Understanding is negligible from where to start. Thinking is right on which it should be worked and if it is brought to perfection with creative minds, then it is fine, but in the mind of a narrow-minded person, many types of fear and fear prevail in the mind, which never starts in the direction of implementing his thinking. Tax know. By creating creative thinking in his own imagination, he remains happy or frustrated in himself. It is never known about the obstruction in his mind. Due to which in reality a lot of loss and failure is found in life. If you stay away from narrow thinking then it is very good.   

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