Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Wedding decorations, decorative artists and artisans are in bad condition In all these conditions, someone is going to be troubled the most

In the ideology of the times, financial crisis has become a cause of confusion at this time


Everything is not going so well for the last few years. Especially in these two years since the hybridization of corona virus started. Lockdown in which many businesses stopped working. The flow of the logo has stopped. Not much was going on except essential services.


Low income and unemployment changed the way of eating and living at home 

Lockdown was also necessary due to Corona virus. This started reducing the infection in many countries. Thanks everyone for this. But the mindset of this corona virus spread on the people in such a way that the preferences of the people started changing. Offline work at home did not do much work. Only the essentials were rarely fulfilled. Due to which people did not get that much income. The way of eating food in the house has changed. There are still many such families. Those who have not yet bought any clothes for themselves and their children and are not providing the objects of happiness for their children. Life like Mano has become like a paon.


Mobile study at home instead of school college

Due to the closure of schools and colleges, children started studying less on mobile and watching more entertainment in mobile. Just like that, his studies went on. Even due to the closure of coaching classes, there was no pressure on the children in any way to study. Education and knowledge come from hard work and self control. which were completely absent. School people also passed them by giving numbers according to them.


Developing intellect and conscience through knowledge in school from childhood

It is believed that education is obtained only by reading a book, but its preparation is done by a teacher by a teacher. Then the child learns something. The world is well known that not every child of adolescence studies at the behest of the parents. From childhood to adolescence, until the education of children is done on them, till then there is no knowledge in puberty. Real knowledge is based on the development of the intellect. In adolescence, the intellect develops from the knowledge given from childhood.


There should never be any interruption in this chain. This leaves education incomplete. The mind itself is a deep darkness. Which is illuminated by the light of knowledge. In childhood, the light of knowledge is not the same in all children that if you give a book to the child and he will read it. He will have to be explained, he will have to write, then he will go and learn something. There is a school for this.


When husband and wife will stay in the house full time, then think what will happen?

Here the language of love also changed. In many houses I myself heard that both of them were intertwined. The truth is, love spreads far and wide. Nearsightedness also generates groaning. It has been said that when there are many utensils at the same time, due to the disputes among themselves, the sound is raised. What was not supposed to happen happened. The result of which was seen.


The family runs with understanding and understanding

The housewife's job is to run the house. Along with going home, she also takes care of the children. The father is at work. Who gets a chance to stay outside the house for more time. With which he earns and brings a creeper to his house, then the house runs. What happens when everything is closed? Will have to stay at home. The source of income ends, the father has no habit of listening to the child's praises throughout the day. This habit happens only to the mother. The world is aware that not every person is that intelligent. If everyone was intelligent, then there would be no problem in the world again. By staying in the house continuously, the friction between the husband and wife increases in the same way. Therefore, the atmosphere of everyone remains fine due to the holiday roaming. By walking around, the people of the house also get a chance to go out. Due to which the people of the house also feel fresh. The captive also stopped all these opportunities. In Kaliyuga, tolerance is also absent like this. No work, locked in the house, arranging expenses for men to run the house like this created many types of mental stress. Being in the same environment increased the tension. Time has changed but the tension still did not subside, who used to take loans again and again to run their homes. Everything has been opened but there is still not much work in the hands of the people.


The atmosphere of wedding birthdays and anniversaries has changed

Where earlier people used to come as many og as in the birthday program. Now they are not even coming to the wedding of the children of the people. Travel expenses are not being arranged. Some relationships are not even able to come yet. who live in a far away area. The rate of infection is riding on the mind of the people. Friends and colleagues also shy away from supporting. Here the behavior of your own and the stranger is completely visible. Life of people like Mano has become lonely.


Wedding decorations, decorative artists and artisans are in bad condition

In all these conditions, someone is going to be troubled the most. No one can say when those decorating people whose work will be as early as before. Those who used to be absorbed day and night in the decoration of the wedding. Even after opening everything, they do not have that much work in their hands. Not all are able to give work to the artisans. Those remaining artisans have come to the brink of starvation. Wedding decorations have already been reduced by 70 percent. Who are also getting decorations done in the wedding of their children. That too is only in name, because they do not have money to spend that much.  


The matter arises in the decoration of the wedding, then where should such artists and artisans go?

What should we do? That skill is meager. They have art. There is no degree that he should do any other work. No, he has a trained diploma. Whom any other work will give. He does his work only after learning from others. Not everyone can be an artist. who is today. He has learned it all by inheritance from his father. Since then, Ganpati's work is still less than before. The work of Durga Puja is less than before. The big idol is still banned. The sale of Ganesh Laxmi ji idol of Deepwai is low. Sale and advance of idol is missing in Saraswati Puja and Vishwakarma Puja. The reason is only that people do not have money. The work of interior and exterior of the houses is going on less than before. What will happen to the livelihood and bread of so many people, God is the master.

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