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Singhikeya later stay and become Ketu According to Shrimad Bhagvat Purana, Maharishi Kashyap was the son of Muni's wife, Viprachitti, born to Danu


Diwali begins with Dhanteras 

On this day lights are lit outside the house given by Yama and inside the house given by Dhanvantari. Dhanvantari is considered an incarnation of Vishnu. Whose demons and gods together had obtained nectar in the form of the last 14th gem in the thirteenth year of the churning of the ocean on the day of Krishna Paksha Trayodashi of Kartika from the churning of the ocean. The thirteenth gem was Dhanvantari, who had a pot of nectar in his hand. Dhanvantari is a symbol of a healthy body, and Amrit Kalash is considered a symbol of a clean mind. In which God resides.


Gems from the churning of the sea

Kalakuta poison, Kamadhenu, Uchaisrava horse, Airavata elephant, Kaustubh Mani, Kalpavriksha, Rambha Apsara, Goddess Lakshmi, Varuni Devi, Moon, Parijat tree, Panchajanya conch, Lord Dhanvantari and Amrit Kalash

Amrit pan of nectar from the nectar urn and the boon of immortality to Rahu Ketu

Carrying the nectar urn from Chheer Sagar to Mahakal forest, four drops from the nectar urn fell on the ground where the Kumbh Mela is held. Godavari in Nashik, Haridwar, in Allahabad the banks of the Ganges Yamuna confluence from where the Ganges river flows and Ujjain had fallen nectar from the nectar urn in the Shipra river. Dhanvantari had brought Amrit Kalash with him. Which was distributed in Devgan. Simhikeya, who was a demon sitting between the Sun and the Moon, had drunk the nectar. As soon as Lord Vishnu came to know about this, he beheaded Simhikeya with his Sudarshan Chakra. Chuki Simhikeya had taken the nectar. That's why he was alive even after separation of head and head. The head part is called Rahu and the head part is called Ketu which are face to face in the house horoscope. They are considered as shadow planets.


Who was Singhikeya? Who would later stay and become Ketu

Shrimad Bhagvat Purana Maharishi Kashyap was the son of Muni's wife, Viprachitti, born to Danu. He was married to Simhika, sister of Hiranyaka Shipu. The sons who were born from Simhika. His name was Singhikeya. The same later became Rahu and Ketu.

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