Sunday, January 16, 2022

Real happiness life comes from fulfilling the responsibility which is on oneself true happiness is what one gets from responsibility

Compromise on life


Compromise in the dimension of real life.

There are many types of desires in human life, but he does not fulfill all the desires under his responsibility. The purpose of human life is never to fulfill one's selfishness. If they do this, then the biggest irony is that their selfishness will never be fulfilled. It is okay to think for oneself, but it is not right to think about something selfishly. When human desires are not fulfilled, then he starts drowning in the ocean of hatred and sorrow, due to which he is not able to fulfill the responsibilities which are on him and failure comes in the end.


Real happiness of life comes from fulfilling the responsibility which is on oneself.

True happiness is what one gets from responsibility. In the art of life, those who search for happiness in their duty to find the moment of happiness, they get respect, respect, respect, prestige, the most important thing, respect from everywhere. Only by getting this much, the responsible person gets excited and tries to do good with happiness, he becomes his identity in the world. If you have to achieve something in life, then thinking of doing something good for others gives success quickly.


Dimension of life properly, then what if we are there and there is no one in the world?


Everything will be in vain, there will be no purpose, there will be no mind, there will be no happiness, no sorrow, no one will speak, no one will know, then there will be no one to buy anything, then there will be no one to sell anything. What would life be like then? Can think. In such an environment, you will not be able to last even a moment and your own loneliness will start eating itself. If you want, you can spend a day in a deserted place and see.


Knowledge of real life and with everyone's development, there is happiness and joy in life.


The strings of life are connected to each other. By becoming the support of each other, human life has developed and has brought this progressive world to this point. We have to progress further. If you see real happiness in others, then the dimension of happiness will start increasing, which is called joy and enthusiasm, it is much higher than happiness. In joy and enthusiasm lies the real wisdom of life. Joy and enthusiasm is never obtained by thinking for oneself, it can only be called false happiness which does not last long. The lost life experiences mixed results of happiness and sorrow. The dimension of life increases with joy and gaiety. By thinking for oneself, the dimension starts decreasing and in the end the dimension gets smaller and gives endless misery. You can understand by thinking with your heart and mind.


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