Sunday, December 26, 2021

Mobile phones and other electronic components cheaper in the USA

Why the rate of a mobile phone other electronic devices are cheaper in US?


Price of goods in America is not cheap but it is definitely expensive compared to other countries. It would be wrong to think that the price of other electronic components of mobile phones in America is cheap. If the price of online goods is compared with other countries, then it will be expensive, but especially in America, it is cheap, this is true. According to the money valuation, the earning of people there is good as compared to other countries. Which American people find more cheap than goods, the same goods which go to America after exporting from other countries. The goods that are made and sold in America are worth more. The cost and materials are also provided the same, which would have cost more to make, which is definitely expensive compared to other countries. Goods made in America, people in other countries buy less because of being very expensive. The price of the goods is not low, but for the buyer, the price of goods from other countries is cheaper than the goods made in America.


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