Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Spiritual knowledge necessary for life activities of life are done by the mind and intellect. The world goes on in the outer mind. The inner mind always moves towards peace

Why is spiritual knowledge necessary for life?


The activities of life are done by the mind and intellect. The world goes on in the outer mind. The inner mind always moves towards peace. Sitting peacefully for some time to balance the outer mind and inner mind gives peace to both the mind and the soul. The inner mind gets affected due to the activities of the outer mind. The right and wrong thoughts raised in the mind continue to go on due to the influence of the external mind. Man never thinks about his mind even for a moment. He always runs after desires and feelings. The inner mind gets peace only when the outer mind remains calm for some time. Human beings get power and energy from this. In the direction of right and wrong and in the aim of achieving victory, human struggles in which both right and wrong works.


Balance of life outer and inner mind

The real balance of life comes from the balance of inner and outer mind. Many times it also happens that man strives for that thing which he can never achieve. In such efforts human life moves towards darkness. Which is not good at all. After all, he is not able to get that thing till the end. The inner mind is the biggest hand behind any success. The subject matter that goes to the subconscious mind moves towards realization. Right and wrong thinking in human activities also goes to the subconscious mind, due to which many works also stop. Tasks with the right understanding are completed, but wrong thinking gets them stopped, this is the reason that all human thinking is not complete. If the inner mind is calm and concentrated, then there is success in both right and wrong work, due to which a person reaches his destination while doing both right and wrong work, but progress and degradation are also achieved in the same proportion. The karma a human does, the result is given by his subconscious mind. As its action is cup, so does the result mix.


Strive for inner and outer peace of mind

Peace of mind is not attained only by speaking, for its attainment, by reading and listening to the books and words of the wise and scholar, one gets peace from his knowledge. Spiritual thoughts and thinking are positive, which gives peace to the mind during that time which gets both strength and energy. There is peace in meditation and meditation only when the mind is calm. Meditation is only for promoting peace of mind. If there is more thought in meditation, then the mind is also not considered calm, it increases the restlessness. It is best to read a knowledgeable book so that the mind and meditation remain merged in the book and keep the mind safe from external thoughts. This gives both wisdom and peace.

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