Friday, December 10, 2021

Explain the steps you would take to approach knowledge in the classroom

Explain the steps you will take for contacting knowledge in classroom


In order to contact knowledge, the teacher gives an opportunity to develop his understanding in the class. After reading each book, the teacher writes it on the board and interprets it according to the student in its context, which increases the understanding of the student. Self-understanding is increased through knowledge. It is not necessary that one can get complete knowledge only by reading the book, unless you understand its interpretation properly, then the knowledge is incomplete. The knowledge of the subject matter is obtained by reading, but its properties and its nature are mixed only with its nature. It may be that often the written sentences in the book are in brief, by expanding which the dimension of knowledge increases. In order to increase the dimension of knowledge, the teacher explains the short sentence in detail to the student, following which the student gets the ability to expand any short sentence by doing a deep study of the book. It can also be called the dimension of knowledge.

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