Friday, November 26, 2021

What kind of knowledge give in ICSE board? the main education in which language and social knowledge is aimed.

What kind of knowledge give in ICSE board?


The main education in which language and social knowledge is aimed.


Education is necessary from childhood. Education is useful only for the development of intelligence and for increasing understanding. The importance of language and sociology is first of all as an important education of the ICSC board. Along with social knowledge, the right knowledge of language teaches the child how to speak and read.


Very important education which is necessary for life.

In further education, the three parts of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, in which invention and creation are found. Along with economics, commerce and environmental science, the study of classical language and modern foreign language as a regional language is also done in the ICSC board, which is given to the children, which is very useful at every stage and position in life.


In the form of experiential education, which includes knowledge of experimentation, knowledge of creation and experience in ICSC Board.


Economic applications for business knowledge, commercial applications in which it is necessary to run business, accounting methods and dates are all taught in ICSC Board.


Computer applications in which education and experience of software and hardware are necessary for everyone to operate and control modern machines. The medium of propaganda and dissemination is also through Isis. It has now become a part of life that everyone wants to be associated with in ICSC Board.


For housewives and girls, less kitchen and home science in which cooking and handling are taught. Women are also given knowledge and experience of sewing, embroidery, weaving, cooking and other experiences in the household, which will be used throughout their life in ICSC Board.


The knowledge and use of performing arts and technical drawing in the field of art is for those students who have a passion for architectural art. Takes its education and experience in ICSC Board.


Exercises, exercises, meditation and experiences related to yoga in physical education and yoga, by which the human body remains healthy by removing both diseases and defects. Its education and experience is the knowledge of the eclipse in ICSC Board.


Fashion Designing for Nutritious and Dressed, which is for both women and men, due to the change in the modern environment, the name of fashion designing and their designers comes most. It is also necessary to take experience and education to get used to wearing life in appearance in ICSC Board.


Environmental application to decorate and maintain the environment, which spreads oxygen in the atmosphere, which is inhaled by humans. Education and knowledge are very important for life in ICSC Board, it is very important.


Knowledge of foreign language is very important for working and doing business in a distant country. It is necessary to talk for the sake of thinking, for this one must have understanding and knowledge of the language in ICSC Board.


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