Thursday, October 21, 2021

Trust is big thing whole world is on it usually without thinking whatever the mind feels good then believe in it

If someone breaks the trust, he should also be thanked, because he teaches us that we should believe very thoughtfully


Trust is a big thing. The whole world is on it. 

Usually, without thinking, whatever the mind feels good, then believe in it. When the result comes out later, then there is knowledge that what we have done. This increases your knowledge. Understanding grows. There is a sense of understanding.

The mind is moving. Attracts everything towards itself. 

Even if the heart is broken later, then it is known how big a blow to the heart. Yet the mind does not move away from believing. This is knowledge. This increases the understanding that what is right? What is wrong? The mind does not understand right and wrong. He gets attracted towards whatever he likes. It is only by making a mistake that wisdom increases and one gets an idea of ​​right and wrong. Once a mistake is made, that mistake is realized and later that mistake does not happen again.

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