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Corrugation machine for making corrugated paper of carton both the rolls of the carton corrugation machine have gear-like teeth

Packing Material Carton Box

Cardboard is the most commonly used in packing material.

Brown paper is manufactured after recycling the waste paper in the machine. From which the carton is made. For the carton, several folds of paper are glued with gond. Between which two plain paper striped corrugated paper is applied. The thickness of the carton is decided according to the size and weight of the object to be dried, according to the soft or hard carton, the amount of glue in it is also decided. The more the quantity of Glue, the more the carton will be stronger and stronger.


Big machine is used to make carton

3 folds, 5 folds, 7 folds and more folds are used in making cartons when needed. Gond is used in the middle of all the folds. All the work is done by machine. By running the fold of the paper made in the press machine, it is pressed properly. During this time, the heat would also flow in it, due to which the feet immediately stick and get strong and come out of the machine.


Two rolls in the corrugation machine for making corrugated paper of carton

Both the rolls of the carton corrugation machine have gear-like teeth. Which is like a long stripe. With the paper passing through the gears of both the rolls, it has to be heated by electric power to generate some heat in it. Due to which the paper on the other side comes out after being coronate. The corrugated paper is rolled in the machine itself. Due to which there is no effect in the corrugation for the carton and the heat generated in the paper is retained for some more time. So that the corrugation of the paper is done according to the law and the corrugation remains for a long time.


Forming Carton Box into Carton Cutting Machine

In the carton cutting machine, the work of cutting is done according to the size of the box of the carton. If needed, printing of labels, names and attributes of the goods is also done. Which can also be with many colors, forms and images. That too is done by machine. The machine cuts the carton board according to the size. The pealing part is then sent to the press machine for pealing. A stripe is made of the peacock part. So that all the cartons are ready in the same way.


Waste pieces left over from cutting are recycled again.

Cardboard is made by recycling. No useless piece of paper is thrown. Then everything gets recycled and becomes new paper. To make new cartons.


Carton Making in Folding Machine

The carton is finally sent to a folding machine to form a box. Due to which the box becomes a box according to its size. According to the need, a machine stapler with a flat pin is used to make the box or brown tape or plain tape also sticks the bottom part of the machine box and comes out after making the box.


Easy to make carton box with the miracle of computerized machine age

All mechanical work is automated and computerized. Which is done by computer software. Programming is done as the work is done.    

mechanical work is automated and computerized. Which is done by computer software

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