Monday, September 6, 2021

With the addition of wireless mouse 2.4G wireless technology with 10m/33ft range has been added. Which gives the characteristic of ultra-stable usage

Development of resources is very important for the development of life. 

If the resource is right, the job will be accurate and quick. If the mouse installed on the laptop or computer at the office or home will work properly, then it will be fun to work too. In earlier times, it was a compulsion that a mouse with a wire had to be operated with a handle every time. Now it is not like that wireless mouse without wire has come. Which can be operated comfortably.




5 Adjustable DPI level has been given. Mobile to laptop is 2400dpi. USB Mice Chrome book, Notebook, MacBook, Computer all can be operated with wireless mouse without wires

Price: $10.99


Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

Mouse which is 2.4G ergonomic computer mouse with USB receiver. Very good for finger rest. 5 Adjustable DPI level has been given. Mobile to laptop is 2400dpi. USB Mice Chrome book, Notebook, MacBook, Computer all can be operated with wireless mouse without wires.


Glorious Model O Wireless

A Comfortable Ergonomic Design This wireless mouse has been created after testing thousands of Palm data samples. This has designed an ergonomic wireless mouse.


Bluetooth Mouse

Wireless mouse for laptop should have a streamlined arch and finger rest. Which is very useful in reducing the stress on your hand, wrist and arm due to prolonged use. In addition, the side pits significantly reduce slippage and maximize usability with mouse comfort.


Logitech Wireless Mouse

The wireless mouse is easy to use and features plug and play for a very stable connection. No driver installation is required. Which means you can plug and play the USB of the wireless mouse directly to the laptop.


Ergonomic Mouse

With the addition of wireless mouse, 2.4G wireless technology with 10m/33ft range has been added. Which gives the characteristic of ultra-stable usage. In which the USB mouse additionally has no gaps or dropouts. You can use this wireless mouse comfortably anytime and anywhere.


Logitech Gaming Mouse

Wireless Mouse Multi-function Wireless Mouse supports up to 5 levels of DPI including 800/1200/1600/2000/2400. This allows you to easily change the sensitivity of the cursor based on your relevant activity.


Wireless Gaming Mouse

The efficiency of the wireless mouse has been improved by up to 115%. Apart from this, you have been given two side buttons. Through which it helps to control the forward and backward pages. Being made of advanced technology, your wireless computer mouse helps to move smoothly around the computer screen.


Best Wireless Mouse

Wireless Mouse Power-saving and long lasting battery powered by 1 AA battery Wireless mouse This is proving to be a very useful wireless mouse for laptops. Lasts up to 15 months when using the mouse daily. So there is no need to worry about changing the battery for a very long time.


Trackball Mouse

In addition to the wireless mouse, this cordless mouse automatically enters sleep mode within 8 minutes of inactivity. This saves a significant amount of battery life, giving you time to replace the second battery and continue working without interruption.


Razer Basilisk

Wireless Mouse Wide Ranging Compatibility Makes it compatible with Windows 7/8/10/XP, Vista 7/8 and Linux quite well. Fits easily on desktops, laptops, PCs, MacBook's, tablets and other devices.


Apple Magic Mouse

Wireless Mouse This is a universal laptop USB mouse designed for office, family computer use, travel, business trips and meetings.


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