Sunday, September 5, 2021

Sound box 24W Wireless Bluetooth impressive sound makes entertainment IPX5 waterproof 15 hours battery life

Nature has given some importance to everything 

Booming bass with Bluetooth

It is a miracle of nature and science that the earlier instruments used to run on electric wires. All of them are now running without a wire, the biggest contribution in this is the invention of Bluetooth, this important discovery of science. Through which any device with wireless facility can be connected or run.


Discovery of Bluetooth

This discovery of Bluetooth has done the biggest thing that people do less on stage. Show off your performance. They have mics in their hands, which used to be wrapped in a lot of wires, which they could not hide even if they wanted to, but now no wire is visible in the mic on any stage through Bluetooth and in all the speakers playing The voices also come in the same way as they used to come. Which really spoiled the beauty of the stage. What can be a bigger contribution of Bluetooth than this.



really spoiled the beauty of the stage. What can be a bigger contribution of Bluetooth than this.



The Sound box with booming bass

24W Wireless Bluetooth with impressive sound makes for impressive entertainment. IPX5 waterproof, 15 hours battery life, booming bass system available with an unprecedented Bluetooth range of 66 feet, wireless stereo pairing system, mixed colors lights system and much more.


Superb sound 

That's available with two full-range drivers and dual passive radiators capable of producing 24W of incredible sound with booming bass, tight mids and crystal clear highs without any volume distortion.


Heavy Bass 

Keeps the bass richer and the volume louder through just a single press of a button. Which completely fills your room with impressive, loud sound.


Wireless Stereo Pairing 

If you want to add something extra for more stereo sound, then you can connect 2 Soundbox Pro+ speakers via a single device and listen to music by doubling the volume.



Party lights mixing are colorful flashing lights used to create a pulsing light show for any song. The line lights and speaker lights are in sync with the beat. According to the lyrics of the song, the light also burns accordingly, which is affected by the vibrations of the music.


Extended Playtime 

The device has a built in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that allows 15 hours of uninterrupted music playing at 50% volume without lighting. Battery life varies with usage, settings and environmental conditions.

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