Thursday, October 28, 2021

Case of SD card there are many types of it SD memory card which is up to 4 GB of storage. SDHC memory card which is up to 32GB of storage

Micro SD card which is very important for any mobile, camera, tab when there is not enough space to store files or images. 

Usually, all the devices already have space, as well as there is a separate place for the micro SD card, 

Where it can be installed to increase its working capacity. Sufficient space is available to store it by installing a micro SD card or SD card, the space increases. In some SD cards, there is also a provision to install a micro SD card, as SD cards are used more in the camera. But it is also used by putting a smaller micro SD card in the SD card slot. Such empty slots are also available.


In the case of SD card, there are many types of it 

SD memory card which is up to 4 GB of storage. SDHC memory card which is up to 32GB of storage. SDXC memory card which is up to 64 GB of storage. Micro SDHC memory card which is up to 32 GB of storage. Compact SD memory card which is up to 32 GB of storage. Micro SDXC memory card which is up to 128GB of storage.


Time and change rate change With the change in SD card too, now the best micro SD card is considered very good, which has been made up to 128 GB of storage.

External memory card micro sd card

Ideal for recording 4k uhd video samsung micro sd evo 

Select is perfect for high res photos, gaming, music, tablets, laptops, action cameras, dslr's, drones, smartphones galaxy s20 5g, s20 5g, s20 ultra 5g, s10, s10 , s10e, s9, s9 , note9, s8, s8 , note8, s7, s7 edge, etc.  Android devices and more.

Ultra fast read write speeds up to 100mbps 

Read and 60mb s write speeds; uhs speed class u3 and speed class 10 performance may vary based on host device, interface, usage conditions, and other factors

Built to last reliability 

Memory card is also water proof temperature proof x ray proof and magnetic proof

Extended compatibility 

Includes full size adapter for use in cameras, laptops and desktop computers. Operating voltage 2.7 3.6v

10 year limited warranty 

10 year limited does not extend to dash cam , cctv, surveillance camera and other write intensive uses


128GB Micro SD XC UHS I U3 100MB per second Full HD and 4K UHD Memory Card with Adapter MB ME128HA

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