Friday, August 20, 2021

The pages with the full weekly view are set aside for a more detailed plan.

Latest 2021 academic year has weekly and monthly planner according to modern and business plan.

The edition covers 12 months from July 2021to June 2022.

The planner has full monthly view pages for each month.

The pages with the full weekly view are set aside for a more detailed plan.

The latest 2021 monthly plan covers 2full pages every month.

In which the current details for the long term plan are given.

A notes section has been included for current and next month's references and important projects.

Major holidays listed, elapsed and remaining days noted.

Printed with high quality premium white paper.

The latest 2021 premium thick paper, which effectively reduces ink.

This includes monthly tabs.

Versioning gives you an easy way to access pertinent information.

Latest 2021 is strong and stylish high quality floral cover.

The listed methods are easy to curl and store.

Add a touch of modern professionalism chic color to your daily routine.

Sturdy gold twin-wire binding enables pages to be folded with ease.

The latest 2021 is featured.

The organization has a convenient list of holidays for 2021, 2022and 2023.

2 annual observations from 221to 2022are given.

Contact page and quick reference information are included.

Rounded corners design which can prevent hand cutting.

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2021 to 2022 Academic Planner from July 2021 to June 2022, 8" x 10" with to Do List, Floral Cover, with Twin, Wire Binding, Printed Tabs, Color black

List price: $20.99 details

Price: $13.29

You save: $7.70 (37%)

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