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Shipping knowledge role of faculties in knowledge shipping courier shipping knowledge transport shipping knowledge International shipping knowledge

Role of Faculties in Knowledge Shipping


Role of faculties of shipping student knowledge

Knowledge is very essential in any field. Shipping takes place in several ways. There is great opportunity for student's knowledge in the role of faculties in shipping. Those students who study writing can also do the work of shipping to learn.


Courier shipping

Under courier shipping, this work is available in full time work or part time work. To take booking of letter or goods from the customer who has come in full time work, to weigh the goods, to send goods or letters quickly or to send at normal speed. Asking the customer, packing the goods, affixing the label tag, making the booking receipt to the customer. Which items are from which areas, decorate them separately. Keeping the goods coming to the office in order. Entry of all items in file and computer. Providing information by telephone to the customer. Separating the returned goods and sending them for re-delivery on the next day. Calling the customer on the phone if the customer's address is not available. Sending the goods back to the sending customer if they are not delivered. Faculties have a role in shipping student knowledge of this type of work. Students who want to reduce in courier shipping. For more details, you can consult any courier company.


Transport shipping

Transport Shipping is mainly done through transport carriers. In transport shipping, goods move from one place to another through large vehicles. The shipping of goods from one district to another district and to a district location outside your state. It is called transport shipping. Students in Transport Shipping Knowledge of Faculties in Shipping Taking bookings for shipping shipping from customers who have come to the office. Weighing the goods Making a booking kit. The weight of the goods on the bill, the value of the goods, the bill of the goods, the goods are to be called. Write down all the details. Selecting the goods according to the vehicle. Decorate the bill and bill together according to the goods. Loading the goods in the vehicle. To hand over all papers of the goods to the letter carrier. Separating the goods coming and going from the traffic. Taking the money to the customer according to the bill and the bill. Delivery of goods to the customer. The role of faculties in shipping student knowledge can be kind.


International shipping

Student Knowledge In the role of the faculties in shipping, both import and export are very important in intra-national shipping. 3 page invoice and packing list are collected from the first shipper in export. After that advance cargo declaration is done from the port. A check list is prepared for registering in customs. The date is taken for customs clearing of shipping from customs. The shipper is notified. The container is booked. The container is dispatched to the shipper's location on full container loading basis. When the order for factory stuffing is with the shipper, only then the container is sent to the shipper. Otherwise, if the order of factory stuffing is not with the shipper, the goods are ordered from the shipper at the custom clearing port and filled in the container in front of the custom officer. Or on the basis of bulk container loading, when the goods are less than a full container, then booked space in a shipping container with the goods of another shipper. In which there are many shipper's items. Shipper means exporter. The person who does the shipping of the goods is called shipping agent. Fumigation certificate has to be applied for wooden packing. According to the goods, which goods are from which department, they also have to take certificates, only then the buyer knows to get the goods delivered to his country. After doing all the checks from the customs officer, after getting the document signed and stamped, the container is sent to the shipping port after sealing the container in front of the customs officer. After the sale is made from the shipping line, 3 pages of the Bill of Lading are prepared by entering the selling date. The shipping line to which the container belongs. House Bill of Lading and 3 page Master Bill of Lading Invoice, Packing List and Custom Clearance copy is prepared from that shipping line. The house bill of lading goes to the shipping line. Invoice, packing list, custom clearance copy, 3 page bill of lading along with other required documents are dispatched to the shipper. The shipper is advised to send the 1 page Master Bill of Lading, Invoice, Packing List to the buyer, on the request of the shipper, the shipping agent can also surrender the master bill of lading to his country. Then there is no need to send any documents to the buyer, just a digital copy of the invoice, packing list, and master bill of lading by email to the buyer. With this, he can get the goods delivered to his country. Therefore, page 3 of the Master Bill of Lading and Invoice Packing List is created. The first master bill of lading, invoice and packing list goes to the buyer. Second Master Bill of Lading, Invoice and Packing List has to be sent by the shipper to his bank. The advance payment which the shipper takes from the buyer in his bank. The bank makes a certificate of that money and gives it to the shipper. Which is called Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate. Shipper submits all documents including Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate, Invoice, Packing List, Custom Clearance Copy, Second Master Bill of Lading to the Bank. The third page remains with the shipper for his account details. The bank then issues the bill regulation certificate to the shipper, then the export is complete.

Knowledge is very necessary in any field. Shipping takes place in several ways. There is great opportunity for student's knowledge in the role of faculties in shipping. Students who can do the work of shipping along with studies and writing.


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