Thursday, November 11, 2021

Mind is an active aspect of life in which there is always something going on he never stays calm even if nothing happens in life

Is loneliness a difficulty in life?


Mind is an active aspect of life. In which there is always something going on 

He never stays calm. Even if nothing happens in life, but there are innumerable feelings inside the mind which keep on working in empty solitude. Those who do not keep doing some active work in life to remain calm, will not get rid of the feelings of the mind. Usually such feelings flourish in the mind. It doesn't matter whether it is there or not. But when those feelings start rising in the mind, then the pain of the mind increases. Whatever be the reason, if you engage your time in some important work, then the mind becomes slow in that busyness. Due to which the work becomes active. Suppose that the mind is not feeling in any work, then it is because of the active feeling lying in the mind which keeps arising in the mind even during the work.


To avoid the feelings of the mind, one should roam a little

Take some time out from your busy time and go to a green place. Due to which there will be a change in the feelings of the mind. Taking a walk from time to time is very important. For a few days, escape from your busy time and go to the hill station. With the change of time, weather, atmosphere and wind, the mind feels a new happiness. Due to which a lot of opportunity has been lost in changing the feelings of the mind. Happy atmosphere gives peace to the mind. Staying away from the busyness of work for a few days also gives relief to the brain. Meeting new people gives a new dimension of knowledge. Which has an effect on life.


Day and night are also made for man

The mind gets relief at night from the busyness of the day. Due to which one gets freedom from exhaustion of both body and mind during sleep. New energy is obtained, which gets capacity for work on the second day.


Lonely life is true only as long as there is peace in the mind 

A lonely life of coercion also creates tension in the mind. Due to which dilemma and rigidity increases in the mind, which starts ending the happiness of the mind. Balance is very important in life. Only then everything becomes successful. Without balance, life can also become monotonous, which is not at all good for the mind.        

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