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Through my blog I am presenting what I am understanding myself, which is my own knowledge or if I can say that which is my own understanding.

My topic in the blog is Imagination, Reality, Knowledge, Knowledge of life, Mind, Existence of mind, Evolution of life from self-knowledge, The effect of knowledge on the subject of thing service work, Effect on mind amidst the ups and downs of life, Mainly in every blog I have mentioned all these topics somewhere, which is the medium of knowledge. In all the blogs I have tried to mould my thinking, there is no mention of any particular person, the example has also been done of that person, whatever I am writing, I am writing it from my understanding.


In order to increase the knowledge in the life of a human being, by purifying the mind and giving a new feeling to the mind, we use that attitude, it is called imagination. Imagination is also the basis of life, which connects the intellect with the mind and Affects the mind which has an effect in life.



When influenced by the influence of knowledge of a person, he establishes that person's knowledge in his life and progresses by creating a new one, then it is called inspiration or the effect of inspiration.


Mind thinks

When the mind thinks or imagines something for the development of its life and progresses beyond its thinking understanding, then it is said to think of the mind.



Desire is very important for man, as long as there is no desire in the mind, activity will not come in life, if there is a desire according to the need of man, then it is very good not to wish too much, whatever is necessary is necessary, then it is best if you have the same desire.



Knowledge is very important for the development of life, progress, progress, knowledge is necessary to get success on any kind of new work or subject.



All dependent on thinking, the first step for the development and progress of life, thinking only increases knowledge through imagination, thinking and imagination are based on the nature of the mind.



Things are also objects, things are also subjects, things are also particles of knowledge, the dimension of things in the world is very large.



Concentration is to keep the mind busy in any one subject or task, the real achievement in life is only through concentration.



The true test of knowledge is through understanding, the mind affects understanding.



The brilliance of the brain is from the intellect, whose brain the more active the mind is, the more intelligent it is, the effect of the mind on the intellect.



The effect of mind and intellect is discretion, as will mind and intellect, so will wisdom be realized.

Simple expressions

If the mind and intellect is not affected by someone's feeling, then happiness or sorrow is the same, then it is called simple emotion, progress and degradation does not affect a person with simple emotion, in any situation, the feeling of mind is the same, it is also called simplicity.


Easy feeling

Staying continuously in any situation, the effect of any kind of obstruction does not fall on the mind, intellect, the feeling of the mind being normal is called Sahaj Bhava, the feeling of a person who is always very active straight is easy, it is also called ease.

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